from a sea of competition with a beautiful website.

Hi, I'm Xavier. I create interactive and fluid websites for those are looking to start a business or upgrade. I also provide a few different services.


Graphic Design

Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator I have worked with local startup companies to bring their visions to reality. The work I have done for my customers have made a bold statement to their rivals and their customers of their professionalism. I have worked on Logos, Business cards, Fliers, and other artworks.


Web Development

Knowing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, other tools, and frameworks I have created numinous websites and web applications that have provide a variety of functionality from secure login systems, appointment schedulers, and other information displaying websites.


Software Engineering

I have the most experience in working with programming languages like Python, Java, and Ruby on Rails. I am also familiar with other languages like Assembly and Visual Basic. My skills have been adapted to meet a growing trend of embedding computational capability into everyday objects.

About Me

I’m a computer scientist that has graduated from Lewis University with a concentration in pervasive computing. Before I dived into the world of programming I spent many years flying aircraft throughout high school and my early years of college. Although, developing the skills necessary to fly aircraft was invigorating, I knew the world of computing technology was the way of the future. I find myself to have perfectionist personality that is willing to put in extra time to make sure my programming projects are well polished without cutting corners.


Let us build something elegant together.

Xavier Maldonado